In today’s fast-paced, rapidly changing business environment, companies can no longer just count solely on the Business Leader or even the Leadership Team to manage the business.  You must involve all your employees in the success of your company.  Every employee must be aware of the processes they use to execute their duties and continually be searching for ways to do their job better – error-free. Continually improve or perish.  They must create a very efficient money-making organization to survive.  This means they must be able to compete with the best of companies.  They do this by becoming a World Class Organization.  By that I mean they must deliver the highest quality services and products at the lowest possible cost when their customers want them—no sooner and no later.


To be World Class companies must optimize all the productive resources at their disposal:

        talent – employees

        equipment – including their business systems employed

        materials that meet or exceed their customers’ requirements 

Quality levels must be approaching Six Sigma (3.4 failures per million opportunities) – the ultimate goal being zero defects in everything with failures and errors virtually eliminated.  Cost reduction becomes part of the culture – credits and refunds must be kept near zero.  This is where your business must be.

Our consultants have expertise in a wide range of business areas including: strategic planning, business analysis and evaluation, key lean Business Drivers – mistake proofing your business, establishing truly empowered cross-functional teams, self-directed teams, the workout process establishing an executable consensus plan for solving complex business problems, flexibility enabling a business to react to changing customer requirements quickly, succession planning, and expense control.

Our operation expertise includes: inventory management and inventory reduction; on-time customer delivery; lean flow manufacturing systems utilizing linked-cell manufacturing with Kanban pull signals and andon lights; integrated business systems; bar-coding data collection systems; sourcing e-auctions; vendor certification; in-house stores; pull contracts; EDI; Total Quality Six Sigma methodology utilizing Statistical Process Control (SPC) and “mistake proofing” techniques (Poka-Yoke); yield improvement; identification and implementation of best practices; low-cost country material sourcing and product relocation; labor union relations; acquisitions due-diligence; and plant closings.
Our achievements have focused on helping CEO and Business Leaders deliver quality services and products at the lowest possible cost to their clients and customers on time thereby increasing profitability significantly.  Typical results have included increasing product throughput velocity to less than three days; driving annual purchase cost savings of better than 7% a year while reducing inventory by 65% and driving on-time customer deliveries to above 99%; final assembly first-pass yield increasing to better than 99%; - true continuous process improvement.