This book is a how-to manual for implementing a Statistical Process Control program for any type of business. It takes the unnecessarily complicated, sometimes-intimidating Statistical Process Control concept – thoroughly dissects and demystifies it while making it very easy to understand with a minimum of effort. While Statistical Process Control was originally created for manufacturing, this book contains many examples of how SPC can and should be applied in virtually any business to dramatically eliminate waste, improve quality and profits. The book also dispenses with much of the little used theoretical concepts of statistics that can bog down and increase costs of a quality improvement or Six Sigma program and presents SPC in a “meat & potatoes” approach designed to allow anyone to be able to master the basics of Statistical Process Control regardless of their level of education. This book is the product of the author’s many years of experience learning about and teaching Statistical Process Control and

his desire to share his knowledge in the hope that he can help others avoid some of the common mistakes usually made.


166 pages, ISBN 1490451889, Paperback, $14.95 (US)


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