In this book the authors use simple and direct language to describe a step-by-step process that can be used to improve the way you run your organization through the use of Teams.  They describe three types of Teams that are very effective in dramatically improving business performance.  They are the Self-Directed Cross Functional Team, the Mistake-Proofing Team and the Workout Team. Real life examples, which are easy to relate to, are used to show how successful these Teams can really be. Each type of Team is unique but all have common characteristics:

  • All the Teams build an incredible amount of effectiveness by sharing ideas among and between Team members.

  • All the Teams use similar problem-solving tools.

  • All three types of Teams improve communications.  Communications between individuals and organizations can’t help but be improved when fellow employees sit next to each other working on a common goal. 

  • The Teams are cross functional, some by design others by their nature. 

  • These Teams will change the culture of your organization by getting the people closest to the issues involved in continually improving your business no matter what your business is.

  • These processes will work in virtually any business.  

Employee involvement is no longer a luxury that is reserved for corporate giants; it is a necessity for all organizations of any size that intend to thrive.  If an organization is going to be successful in the future, it must use and optimize all the productive resources at its disposal—this includes all its employees’ talents through employee involvement in a proactive manner at all levels. The Teams described in this book are the drivers that will deliver the necessary level of employee involvement.





158 pages, ISBN 1480286907, Paperback, $17.95 (US)


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