The authors describe a step-by-step process for Mistake Proofing the entire business. Mistake Proofing will enable your employees to identify and fix problem processes in your business so that they will be able to identify when an error has occurred or is about to occur and take action—this is called Lower Level Mistake Proofing. Better yet, it enables employees to prevent the errors entirely through Higher Level Mistake Proofing. It is a way to involve all your employees in building your Lean money-making business.

In today’s fast-paced, rapidly changing business environment, companies can no longer just count on the business Leader or even the Leadership Team to manage the business. You must involve all your employees in the success of your company. Your van driver is no longer just a driver. He or she must come to work every day seeking better ways to do his or her job. All your employees represent you and must take their role as a full participant seriously—they are stakeholders in your

business! Every employee must be aware of the processes they use to execute their duties and continually be searching for ways to do their job better—error-free. Continually improve or perish.




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