Winning Manufacturing Solutions describes a step-by-step process that will enable manufacturing companies to become efficient money-making organizations, able to compete and win in the new economy. The authors draw on their own manufacturing experiences to share real life challenges, describing situations that readers involved in manufacturing anything will find relevant, interesting and useful.

They explore in detail such vital topics as:   Continuous Improvement: a process which not only improves profits but also develops employees' skills and knowledge, making them a greater asset to their company. Lean-flow Manufacturing techniques, with productivity-raising programs that create flexibility and improve throughput velocity, such as: linked-cell Kanban pull systems and quality improvement techniques including Statistical Process Control, Six Sigma, Poka-yoke (Mistake Proofing), First-Pass Yield Improvement and Out-of-Box Failure elimination. "Cross-Functional Self-Directed Teams," in which employees from many

different areas of the business work as a team to improve the Company's competitive position, as well as their own self-confidence and job satisfaction.


An investment made in reading this book will prove to be fruitful not only to the reader but also to all those individuals over whom the reader has direct and indirect influence.


272 pages, ISBN 1479195588, Paperback, $17.95 (US)


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