This short story is told by a toaster who was created in the same factory as his Grandfather.  Contrasts are made between how the Grandfather and Grandson were created and adopted into their current home.  For a time they sit side-by-side on the same counter and share stories of how they were built – Grandfather’s coils are twice as thick as his Grandson’s and he was built to last, as he was built at a time when toasters were a relatively expensive item. However, these are different times and competition has made it necessary to cut costs.  In fact, our toaster never got to know his parents because they were early failures – the result of cutting corners that degraded product quality and drove the toaster factory to the brink of bankruptcy.

Our toasters live with Sally who along with her husband Bill, has taken responsibility for fixing her father’s factory.  Sally and Bill spend a lot of time in the kitchen talking about how they are using Lean methodologies and employee empowerment to convert the

company to a highly profitable Lean money-making business. This book makes these concepts, which tend to be unnecessarily complicated, easier to understand by all.  The book’s intended audience is virtually anybody involved in the process of delivering any product or service.


134 pages, ISBN 1477522204, Paperback, $14.95 (US)


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