The authors describe a step-by-step process for Mistake Proofing the entire business, including the factory (manufacturing) and the office (backroom), which can be used to create a very efficient error-free organization, able to compete with the best of companies globally. To illustrate this process, the authors draw on their experience and share their real life challenges in describing situations that everyone can relate to, find relevant, interesting and useful. They explore in detail vital topics necessary for developing and executing an effective Mistake Proofing program, such as: establishing a training program, including a detailed layout of the training methods the authors have used successfully over the years. Understanding process errors, the cost of errors, the levels of Mistake Proofing, and the tools and methods used to Mistake Proof your business. The use of problem-solving tools in eliminating errors from your organization. Driving the process with Cross-Functional Self-Directed Teams, to successfully

execute your Mistake Proofing program. In these Teams, employees from many different areas of the business work together to eliminate mistakes and errors from the business while at the same time improving their own self-confidence and job satisfaction.


133 pages, ISBN 0972788115, Paperback, $17.95 (US)


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